Brace Yourself, I'm About To Expose The Hard And Bitter Truths About Ecommerce Business In Nigeria Many Gurus Will Probably Never Reveal To You

If you’re interested in running a profitable ecommerce business in Nigeria, then block every distraction and read this short letter to the end.


I’m about to expose the secrets that many so-called gurus will never tell you… and it’ll help shove off years of painful and costly mistakes for you.

Now that I have your attention, shall we?

Running a profitable e-com business in Nigeria is no child’s play, especially when you’re just starting out, let nobody deceive you.


  • The first steps you must take to get the ball rolling
  • The right products to import
  • The right agents to help you buy the products from overseas
  • The right local delivery agents to help you get the products to you in Nigeria
  • How to promote your products to the right people online (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • The right delivery agents to help you deliver products to your customers
  • The best way to manage your e-com business
  • And Many More
You have to also understand that it’s not going to be easy at the beginning, you’ll experience difficulties, as follows:
  • Some products you import will not sell like hot cakes, for obvious reasons, you’re still learning
  • Facebook will ban your ad accounts, because you’re still learning
  • You’ll experience some failed deliveries
  • Some of your delivery agents will be inconsistent
  • You’ll experience some form of anger and disappointment
  • etc..


Your time to smile Will Come

All these difficulties will prepare you for the success you want if you can scale through them…

Once you do, you can enjoy daily inflow of cash remittance from successful deliveries.

>>You’ll start growing we@lth rapidly beyond your imaginations, orders will start rushing you everyday.

>>You can now set up your ads, go to sleep and wake up to 10s, 20s, 100s of orders.

>>All you simply do is to forward order details to your delivery agents and let them do the hard work for you.


Because you’ve now mastered the system, congrats.

That, my friend, is the secret many gurus will never tell you.

Now that I've bared The TRUTHS opened to you...

  • Are you ready to get the best and honest person to train you to master ecommerce business in Nigeria?
  • Are you ready to have someone who can take you by the hand to help you go through all the struggles above successfully and victoriously?
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If yes, I want to introduce you to my friend, Jonathan Melody, he has created the best ecommerce training program from the chores of Nigeria and I’m proud to endorse it.

It’s the same program I went through that has enabled me to generate massive sales to my growing ecommerce business.

I had to buy the course, go through it, implement everything before I came out to tell the world about it.


I Want You To Understand That You'll Still Need Some Sort Of Help Aside The Course, And I Want To Offer You That For Free.

  • I’ll give you just one KILLER tip That’ll help you create sales copies and sales pages easily, without having to crack your brain on what to write (This isn’t in the course)
  • I’ll personally review your sales funnel, ad copy, and everything needed for you to see results.
  • I’ll also give you some premium tools I bought personally with my hard earned money, so you don’t have to spend extra money on them.
  • You’ll get the opportunity to have a strategy call with me (only after you’ve gone through the course and ready to launch)

Here’s The No-Brainer Deal For You… Get The Course Through Me And Enjoy My Priceless Support.

Or Ignore Everything I’ve Said And Let Doubt Get The Better Part Of You… Your Choice, I Have Nothing To Lose.

See, believe it or not, I hardly promote digital products made by our people, but Jonathan has proven himself beyond reasonable imaginations.

No long stories, it’s either you’re interested or you’re not at this point…

But guess what, if you don’t make the move now, by this time next year, you’ll wish you made the move now, by then it could all be regrets because you’ve missed out on the knowledge and profits you could have enjoyed.

Again, the choice is yours to make now.

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